Tirelli has a complete range of fillers with different filling systems; available in customized configurations to meet the different production needs of customers.



The GUJA linear filling machine is designed for low and medium productions volumes which require maximum flexibility. The filling machine can be designed with up to 16 nozzles both with an intermittent configuration and in a continuous movement cycle: the nozzles are installed on a trolley that follows the worm screw during the filling process.

The format changeover involves replacing the infeed screw, without the need for any tools. The nozzles do not have to be adjusted, making the operation quick and easy.
On its most compact version, the bottles are blocked in position by centering devices that allow the filling.

All filling technologies provided by TIRELLI can be installed on these filling machines, except for net weight.


Maximum precision. That is what our automatic net weight fillers are all about. Our KF Series is designed to reduce filling error to less than 1 gram per litre of product.

KF fillers are available as stand-alone units and in monoblock units complete with a capper The key characteristic of KF net weight fillers is the slight overpressure that is maintained inside the tank. This allows us to reduce the overall dimensions of the machine and increase filling speed too. Because the bottles never come into direct contact with the nozzles, KF fillers can work with bottles and containers of all shapes, sizes and materials.

All KF machines are fitted with an infeed screw powered by a brushless servomotor and with an automatic homing and feed control system. Format changes can therefore be completed rapidly and without tools. Our fillers can also be equipped with a low vacuum system to ensure constant, high filling speeds and minimum foaming. 


TIRELLI has developed innovative filling trolleys to cut down on production costs. This solution means that customers do not have to halt the packaging line to clean the filling machine between one production cycle and another.

It can take time to clean a filling machine, but all the TIRELLI filling machines can be fitted with separate filling units mounted on a trolley. All the machine parts that come into contact with the product are on these trolleys. When it is time to change the product, the trolley is detached and replaced with an identical unit so that production can restart immediately. In the meantime, the first trolley is taken to a dedicated cleaning station where it is washed separately.

The optional trolleys are compatible with any type of filling system.